As already announced on Sunday, I cannot wait to publish a small note on one of my current projects, which is called But what is it all about? The idea of Opensensornetwork was born quite out of the blue. While showering my darling had the idea of extending his current electronics business, and especially sensor business into a unique project: To arrange a network of sensors, collect the data, make it open and visible for everyone. As an open source project, everyone can join and participate and contribute to a network of data on air quality matters. What can be measured? Everything you could possibly think of, which could contribute to an indication of air quality. CO2, NO2, all kind of particles, temperature, relative air humidity etc etc. The idea is to make things measurable and visible. An area can have a poorer air quality then another region due to more economic activity. But with encouraging the use of sustainable and regenerative energies, or incentive programs for less driving - more cycling, etc things can improve, and it can be measured!! Even in a borough with many factories! Governments could give out subsidies and other incentives to reduce CO2 for example! And now we could have it measured and proved!

How does it work?
Well, on a technical level we intend to provide sensors which are measuring the air quality, we find it useful to let the small sensor be charged by a small solar panel and put it into a housing which we let produce from recycled plastics or biopolymer. We believe, every small contribution is valuable, even if we only avoid the use of normal plastics. The tracking of the sensor will be via GPS and other wireless technology solutions!
The sensors can be hanged in your garden, on a tree, on a lantern, or wherever you find it useful.

Wherever you breathe!

What about ethics?
We also believe that production should be ethical: We distance ourselves from producing in low wage countries, unless we are going to produce for the same market! We want that people who give their fair work force get a fair pay, and since we are based in Western Europe it would be very hard to ensure this all the way! That is why we produce in the Netherlands, Belgium and in Germany!

Don't wanna buy our sensors, but still wanna take part?
No problem! We provide the drawings and a list of what you need and with a little bit of electronics knowledge you can build your own sensors!! We are going to provide the software and the web portal so that you can see your sensors on an huge interactive map.

Who is our target group?
Our target group are individuals who care for air quality, communities and municipalities who care for green projects, sustainability and a cleaner air in their cities or companies who want to give their compliance programs something new!!

Stay tuned for further updates or visit us on Facebook and Twitter!

Green Regards,

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