Ice-creme dream

Spring has arrived big times, temperatures on our balcony topped the 30 degrees Celsius mark and trees start to show off their tiny light green leafs. Small daisies are decorating the dark green grass and crocuses and daffodils's time is already up. Long shirts and trousers may stay in the closet and dresses, T-shirts and flip flop may see the sunlight again after a long and dark winter (it could have been worse - I have to admit. With only two weeks of incredibly cold temperatures with a good deal below zero degrees and hardly any snow) and be taken out for some weeks before shops and fashion magazines suggest the latest spring line of this year. Not that I would HAVE to buy new things, but the past made me wise and I know one day or the other it is going to happen. Maybe this year will be different....
But one thing is for sure, with the warm and sunny weather, also the ice cream season has started as well. I also do like other deserts, but I really really- really love ice-cream. OK. Now it is out. I am an addict. And this year I absolutely fell for lemon ice cream. My second fav is cocos or banana flavor. Even though I am a chocolate lover as well, I hardly ever go for chocolate ice cream.
And there is my favorite ice shop in Eindhoven, called zin in ijs en chocolade which I would translate with something like fancying ice and chocolate (well, I am a bad translator, but I hope you know what I mean) and it is a combination of an ice cafe, where people can sit inside and outside, and a patisserie / chocolaterie where you can pick from a wide range of chocolates and pralines. They have a good choice of italian, self made, fresh ice cream, which is very tasty and varying from time to time. Furthermore they serve smoothing, iced coffee, and other coffee specialities. The personal is extremely service oriented and friendly. If you should be in or around Eindhoven and fancy an ice creme, This is the place to go!

What's your favorite ice-creme flavor? Has anyone ever tried liquorice ice cream?


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