All I need is Ralph

I was just surfing the internet for a little more inspiration for my guest room, when I came across the home collection by Ralph Lauren, most famous for his fashion collection. I am really enthusiastic by the combination of simplicity and romantic elements in the RL home style. Simplicity, because he is sticking to rather less, and quiet colors which underlines the classy elements of interior design, and romantic because here and there he took distance from just straight lines (which are already present through is color choice and arrangements) and decided for rounder shapes to give it a small baroque touch. Yes: Small... As baroque is often used with an overdose - at least for my taste,, Therefore, I love this tiny influence, just spot on! Annnd the colors: I really love the extensive use of white / beige and blue, to emphasize pureness, a maritime spirit - with the colors of the sea and the sky and the contrast of dark and light itself. Bravo!

I'd say I all I need is Ralph...

PS: What I also find awesome is the personal design tool which they provide on their web page. You can select items, and put them together to arrange them interactively.

If you like you can check out their gorgeous collection here!



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