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Everything has been pretty hectic lately, and this weekend it was therefore time to do - nothing.
Yes, nothing. Not that it was boring, or that I was bored (actually - I am never bored, at least I cannot remember the last time I was bored, traffic jams or work related things do not count, right?). Just the fact that we had no plans was just a great planning that I was looking forward to this weekend almost as much, as I was looking forward to go to Venice for example.
OK, almost.

Therefore laziness was completely into place and the sunny and warm weather did its contribution. Walking a little bit in the sun with little Josie, took some pictures of her - as she will only be a puppy for a short time,
some balcony gardening, ok not me, my darling did, I am more the one to enjoy the result than ha ha, trying out my new springy nail polish Vernis in love by Lancome which I bought on Friday, inspired by my little delights recovering my twisted neck (pfffff nasty..) which involved one or the other siesta and, finally - a lot of reading. Annnd of course I was not continuing my current read (it is -- haha, was, my lazy weekend), but I was rather too temped to start my new arrival - Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. Yes, you may laugh, and I absolutely admit it, it IS a children's novel. And I love it. When I was a child I have been reading Black Beauty of course as I was one of the horse obsessed children anyways who used to hang out at the stables right after school.. but it seemed to be not the CLASSIC one (as a nine year old, I most probably did not bother about which version I read, it just should be about that gorgeous black horse with the sweet character).The classic novel however (later I will write more about it over at happyblue book club) is narrated by the horse itself and marked, after publishing, the begin of the movement of animal welfare in England and elsewhere. It is the first novel in history written from an animal's perspective. It has been accomplished with such a love for detail that the book is enjoyable at any minute (at least for animal & classic literature lovers). It is a rather quick & easy read, just perfect to indulge in in a lazy weekend!

Sometimes no plans are wonderful plans and I at least had a lovely and wonderful weekend! How was yours, what were your plans?


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