Bookish birthday

Last week I had a very bookish birthday and I must say that I come closer to fill my TBR pile of books belonging to the Classics Club challenge... and to my very own library -- yay!! 

Let's see, what we have here:

1. Hermann Hesse: Siddartha - eine indische Dichtung
2. Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol
3. Lewis Carroll - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
4. Alexandre Dumas - The count of Monte Cristo
5. Oscar Wilde - The picture of Dorian Gray

Not (yet) on my Classics' list:
6. GU Ratgeber - kleine Hunde
(I have read it right away and found out that dogs actually can also have cheese as a reward. I can tell - that works Madame Josie immediately decided that those expensive puppy training snacks are not so tasty in the end...)
7. Multatuli- Max Havelaar 
(This is THE Dutch classic I have heard. I will add it to my list, and I must say that this is a particular challenge, as I have never read a Dutch book in my life, let alone one from the field of classical literature...)
8. A compendium about arts

So, lots of things to look forward to hopefully read soon. Particularly Siddhartha makes me want to leave all other current books and things in life and read. Just read....

Have a lovely week,



  1. Fantastic books! Good for you!! Happy Reading~
    Beth :-)

  2. i LOVE getting new books :)