Colourful Sunday

My Sunday has been very colorful so far...
How was yours?

Lets see:

Running my Sunday morning round around the Karpendonkse Plaats in Eindhoven, which is a kind of park with a lake in the middle surrounded by nice estates and a Michelin Star restaurant and lots of nature.
And: Really funny. When I accomplished my run today, it was Lance Armstrong** who congratulated me for my longest run (I have that Nike + Sensor and I did not know that they put so much effort in this) so far (at least since I have that thing..).

** UPDATE: Mr Armstrongs career has taken a little different turn (cheater!!!) and I am sure Nike is no longer proud on their partnership ,,,

Life is fresh...

Peppermint nail polish by Rimmel London. I like.

Life is pink:
Our Sunday evening mediterranian food...

Left: Couscous with fresh beet root and feta cheese (utterly delicious!!)
Right: fresh sambas from the market

Life is fruity:

While I mostly drink white wine, preferably Chardonnay, but I have a new addiction: This fantastic French Rose wine: Montalis 

French Rose Wine: Fruity, but not sweet, very summery and just perfect for a sunny Sunday evening...

Aaaand, my new shoes -- by Fred de la Bretoniere, a Dutch shoe designer

also in mint.

Life is fresh, part 2

The only occurring problem now: I do NOT have a scarf in that color. Those who know me would perhaps say: "That is impossible", but - helaas - it is the truth...

And not to forget:
The colorful card I got from my dear friend Hanna for my 30th birthday: 

Hope you all had a fantastic & colorful weekend!


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