Keep calm ...

... and get a sun-tan...

Last week I had an accident and broke the index finger of my right hand. The doctor ( I was really laughing inside, because he was called Dr Hell) informed me that I will need surgery and should not move my hand too much.

Well. Instead of spending those days inside on a sofa and not move my hand too much, I decided to join my family to the beach and not move my hand too much.

hehe :-) 

As it is not too far to the beaches of the Baltic sea and to the North sea we went there the last days and enjoyed the sunny weather, fresh sea and the smell of salt water. The rough beauty of the Nordic beaches may not be comparable to the Caribbean but it has its charm:

Ostseestrand Pottloch (Schleswig-Holstein)
I really love the contrast of the colors here: The pink roses, green leafs of the hedge and the blue sky. 

Nordseestrand auf der dänischen Insel Rømø
Today we were welcomed by a sharp wind from North/North-west and it was too blowy (pffff is "blowy" a word? If not, I just made it up. it means a looooot of wind, tendency blowing away.) and we preferred to make our camp in the sand dunes. Perfect: The sun could give us a kiss and we did not have to freeze. 

This is just beach grass in the perspective of my dog. Looks like a jungle from here, haha. 
Love the blue/green shades.

Nordseestrand auf der dänischen Insel Rømø
Almost time to leave. The low tide has just started...

Nordseestrand auf der dänischen Insel Rømø
And this was high tide time ...

Nordseestrand auf der dänischen Insel Rømø

Low tide, I tried a close up, but I only have my iPhone camera so that the real good shots are not there -yet..

Uhhh, and who was with us of course? The most-photographed person eehm animal around, our Josie. Also enjoying the sand (digging holes with throwing the sand preferably a) on my towel, b) in my face c) in the direction of my bag..., the water and had fun with chasing other dogs 

Bare feet in the sea: I so love to walk bare feet, I can not explain.. I mean, of course, I love shoes (which girl doesn't?) but the feeling of walking bare feet is giving me a feeling of freedom which I always enjoy and wish I could hold it forever.
I even went jogging bare feet today (broke my hand not my foot, and forgetting about the not move too much with your hand thing) but that was not the best idea ever--my used-to-comfy-jogging shoe-ankles were aching after only twenty minutes. But the ground was perfect! And the accompanying sound of rolling waves, and the running towards the horizon, and towards the sun with the glittering water! 

Sea shells. They are so cute. And are so perfect in their shape. And I cannot stop collecting them. I think I will never stop collecting them. It feels like it always felt when I was a child. Also some sort of mind spa for me...

Svenja (still bare feet)

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