If you really knew me...

OK, I saw these posts at other blogs and I loved to read it ... That's why I thought I will do one as well. 
Here it comes, my some of my if you'd really know me secrets.

If you really knew me...

You'd know that I dislike too many people around me. Therefore I try to avoid shopping on Saturdays, busy festivals or crowded rooms.

You'd know that I love walking bare feet. There is nothing like running on the soft grass or the sandy beach in summer.

You'd know that I am occasionally watching sad movies if I feel like crying. Sometimes I do not even need movies to weep. 

You'd know that I cannot stand the smell of cinnamon, petrol and emission fumes but love the scent of freshly painted walls, old books and libraries.

You'd know that I would always prefer a picnic on the lake to a restaurant.

You'd know that I have never really watched a horror movie. 
(Started to watch one, but spend most of the time under the blanket and therefore cancelled. Experiment failed.)

You'd know that I have my autistic moments of reading or painting.


  1. Loved reading your post :) And i'm not a fan of the smell of cinnamon either. Unless, of course, it's mixed with melting better, then I love it!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend, friend :)

  2. love this post! and i have never really watched a horror movie either. and i am OK with that xox