London 2012

When I lived in London in 2008 the city was already preparing for the games four years later. It was only a question of which tube line was closed / limited service or off service for more than half a year (I guess it was "Bank" when I was there. Complete mess) instead of possible delays...
Now it is finally time for Olympia and the first medals have been handed out. It is not that I am watching everything and anything of the games, but IF the TV is switched on by others and I happen to be around I quickly turn into an Olympic couch potato. 

The only thing I really intend to watch if possible is everything equestrian, especially the dressage.

Luckily there is Eurovisionsports which is broadcasting everything. Live. And ready to watch later. Just as you like. Under the motto when you can't be there BE THERE It is awesome. You can find the link to the dressage day 1 here. If you then scroll down there is an easy to handle menu which allows you to find everything you'd like to watch. Enjoy!

Even though I of course hold my fingers crossed for team Germany and the Dutch I am very much looking forward to see Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro and Carl Hester and Uthopia. Such great pairs. I saw them last year at the CHIO Rotterdam. I am sure the Team GB will altogether show a great performance on home soil. Usually Germany and the Netherlands are competing on gold. But who knows... Maybe Team GB will be the contenders of the gold medal?!

What do you think?

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