50 shades of Grey

After only hearing about it I am now the latest victim of E L James' bestseller.
I am 270 pages through and my naive spirit is bouncing against a new wall -- page after page. Almost. At least that's how it feels. 
This is different from everything what I have read so far (and I read a lot) and I am only saying that the heroine is certainly not anything close to the characters of Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Eyre or Marianne Dashwood. 
No. A reference to Thomas Hardy is made several times, and having read Tess as well I can say that it is a more a modern Tess than anybody else...

Has anyone else read 50 shades of grey? What do you think? I am not sure what I shall think. Ought to think. Too early. I will post a comment later on my book blog over at happyblue book club.

Oh -- and I think it's time for a re-read of Tess... :-)

Have a great weekend. Mine will be grey.....



  1. INTERESTING....:) I have JUST started.....:) - so far too early to comment....have not even finished chapter 2 yet....and have absolutely NO idea what to expect...had not heard much about it apart from that it is a MUST .... will get back to you about it later :)

    have a great weekend!!!

    nicola x

  2. Hi Nicola,

    uhhh me too :-) have also not heard much about it and was -- puhh -- how shall I say -- a bit overwhelmed. I am through now and still not sure about my own opinion (does that make sense?!) But I was seriously impressed by the "tempo" the author makes one read.

    Have a lovely grey weekend ;)