tgif: One weekend with no plans

touch of spring
Ha!I could have never quite thought before that I will love that, but I do look forward to a lovely weekend of having no plans at all. 
I mean, of course I plan to clean the house and get the grocery shopping done, take some phone calls, work out. But that is pretty much it. I am looking forward to read that book which is laying on my bedside table -utterly neglected throughout the last century. At least. I am looking forward to watch this serious of Downton Abbey, which I started but could not finish yet (although this was hard, but I need some sleep at nights) and make myself loads and loads of cups of tea. And buy myself flowers for my house (sadly no one else buys me any flowers, so I have to do that myself) and I am looking forward to catch up with some long nights of sleep.

Does not sound too teasing you think?
Well after weeks and weekends of being super busy I think there is nothing I would want more than tasting a bit of a lazy weekend. And if that should get too lazy, I can still go and pop to town to the famous Leineweber city festival. Well, I might not, since May does not quite feel like May over here and I am not so much in favour of running around in my winter boots in order to keep warm. Anyways, I might pop aroudn there for a minute, to just catch a small glance at the festival - since it is my first one!

The last weeks and weekends were not just busy, they were also fabulous: In the beginning of May my wonderful friend Hanna came over to Bielefeld for a very small housewarming party and some girly weekend: We went wining and dining in and around Bielefeld, went to the hairdressers, getting a manicure, chatted, had more wine, and good food, and lots of sunshine. And a good time. And a small pre-birthday celebration. 

On my actual birthday I had a lovely day in the office with everything a birthday girl could ask for: cards and flowers and glasses of champagne and lots of happy people around me! Hoorray!

All my lovely birthday cards -- Thank you so much my friends!
Josie and her friend Kuno having fun on the beach
A few days later we had a national holiday over here and my parents,sister and dog came for a proper family reunion. (Uhh, I looove that everyone comes around)And a proper birthday party with the family! Turning 31 one is not that exciting so that I though I will skip that whole big party thing for this year. I will make a housewarming party instead. My family stayed for 4 days and we had a brilliant time: Again, Lovely wining and dining, and city touring, castle watching and visiting, and long puppy walks in the Teutoburger forest.

Idyllic scenery behind the house

The weekend after I went home to see my family and my dog in Northern Germany over Pentecost. Another long weekend, I like (well, who doesn't?!) Josie was so happy to see me that she jumped into my car and would not let me get out for some time. 

We went to walk on the beach, had BBQ's, birthday celebrations, more walks, more nature, runs in the forest, more Josie, not so much sleep, but more food (duh). 
Josie looking for spring
Right. I was talking about not having plans. After these busy days that seems like a good plan to me...

What's your plans for the weekend?



  1. ahhhh happy belated birthday!

    i just came home for a visit :) so indulging in all things america!

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    Aaah, you really have been busy!! I hope you enjoyed your plan-free weekend recovering from all that.

  3. Belated happy birthday Svenja! :) That's a beautiful landscape you have there.