Hello again

Hi. I know. I have been bad. So bad. Oh. And even worse. Because I kept on promising that I'll be back soon and stuff, and then did not stick to it. 
I know. 
And I am sorry.

But life has been busy lately and I was out and about to get to know my new place as well as I could (you know, bars and restaurants and stuff ;-)) and spend a lot of time in the office, working. Sometimes til late. And I have to say that I enjoy it. I enjoy working long long hours. But when I finally come home, I try and squeeze in some workout and go sleeping. Sometimes i manage to skype with my friends, but that was pretty much it. Don't even get me started on my reading project, the classics club. I am still with Mr Joyce, and still not much further, and no, the degree of difficulty of Ulysses is not an excuse. I just did not read.

What I did though was watching Night train to Lisbon though. Anyone willing to discuss the movie, please drop me a line. 
I am also half through with "Why French Women don't get fat" and the Great Gatsby, although I am quite confident that I will manage that one before its movie release. 

I have settled into my new flat well, and embrace my new place of residence, Bielefeld, with all my heart. I do not know where I have felt that good before. Sure I love my home, the place where I grew up. But I have been living in numerous different places, I liked them all, but here it is different. The right mix of life stylish, country sidish, and how can I say, it is perfect. Oh, wait. No, maybe not. Because it seriously lacks some water. But that is ok, I have it enough when ever I decide to spend a weekend at home. So. There you have it. Almost perfect. Charmingly imperfect. 

I love the bars here. You can eat dangerously well at place such as Bar Centrale. Uh. And for coffees. Mhhh, there is a whole side street full of cafe's, who offer fair trade made coffee products, all organic sandwiches and locally produced drinks and beverages. 

This weekend I am a lucky girl, since my best friend Hanna is coming over for a small visit. I can't wait. She will be the first one of my friends I can show around my flat and my new town. And besides that there is plenty of stuff to catch up on. And lots of wine to be drunk. And lots of music to be danced along and lots of coffees to be had - after the wine (you know, after the wine comes the coffee). 

Also the next week will be a wonderful one, probably the best one ever: First - it'll be my birthday. Second, my family comes over for a visit. Third. They will bring JOSIE!!! I miss my little fur baby, you don't wanna know. The best thing: She will stay through the entire week until I will go home over the Pentecost weekend to visit the folks there, to visit my grandparents and everybody who wants to see me. 

While I write my little blog, I seriously feel how much I missed it. I really seriously, truly, try to get back to here and get back into the blogging rhythm asap. I mean it is not even that I have a writer's block or anything. There is plenty of stuff to blog about. Fashion. I want yellow trousers and a colour block dress. Yes. What are you lusting after? Or I could pass on the fabulous recipe of the pasta I had tonight. Mmmh -- delicious. Or - uh, that'll be a good one. A local painter and his works. I don;t know I really could go on for ages. 

But I will leave you for now and say happy spring - happy weekend. We all deserved it ;-) 



  1. Es ist schön zu hören, dass du dich gut eingewöhnt hast und du in deiner neuen Arbeit aufgehst . So sehr, dass du gerne Überstunden machst. ;)
    Ich wünsche dir mit deiner Fanilie und den süßen Vierbeiner nãchste Woche eine gute Zeit.
    Lieben Gruss, Cla

  2. Have a great weekend. So happy to read your post today.

  3. Liebe Svenja! Schön, von dir zu lesen!!!! Ich muß gestehen, meine Geburtstagspost geht erst morgen auf Reisen ....! Hab es ganz zauberhaft! LG Anja

  4. Lovely photos! Glad you've sttled in well :-)

  5. There is an award for you on my blog when you feel like posting again:

  6. Beautiful pictures! Your dog is so cute! I am following you <3<3

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  7. Love having you around whenever you do pop in! Love hearing about the reading adventures/settling in to a new place. I'm glad you're liking the new setup and life! xoxo

  8. At least we've been bad bloggers together. :) Loooove that last picture!