Beauty Product Review: ANNY nail polish

I know I have been a bit of a bad blogger over the holidays, but I promise I will be a good girl and get back into regular blogging routine. To get myself started I thought I introduce you to a wonderful beauty product: ANNY nail polish.
I was a lucky girl and got it as a Christmas gift and of course I could not wait and put it on almost immediately. 

The color ("Obsessed"; No 308) is between a soft grey and taupe and will always adapt to your outfit. While I am addicted to red nails, I also adore those colors which are a little less screaming out loud "here I come" and be a little bit more "I don't bother you, please don't bother me", you know what I mean.

The application of the polish went easily and smoothly and did not require a second coat to achieve the color. The brush is one of a very good quality and will help you applying without any stains next to the nail. 

As a Lancome beauty product addict I was skeptical whether it could match the quality in application and in color, but I can assure you, it outsizes Lancome Vernis in love nail polishes. The color stays on bright and beautifully over the course of a week (at least) without any blemishes. 
The removal went super easy. No need for endless rubbing off the color from your nail, it just goes like a finger snap.

Therefore I can highly recommend ANNY nail polishes and will soon make sure stock other colors from this brand.

Do you have any experiences with ANNY nail polishes? 
Which is your favorite nail polish brand?

Have a lovely Sunday!


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