Day out: Sylt

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a lovely day on Sylt, Germany's most Northern island in the North Sea, about 1, 5 half hours from my current home base. 
Sylt is known to have the most Northern fish place (Gosh / List; have some of your favorite sea food here and a glass bottle of Chardonnay - day made), most beautiful beaches ever and probably the highest house prices in the Federal Republic of Germany (they even manage to outsize places such as Munich and Hamburg with their prices per sqm). It has become a rather popular place among famous and rich people for the reason no other than the islands' beauty, I suppose. (Over the years it's exclusivity added up to it a little bit, I guess) 

Anyways, I love nature, and especially I love the sea. So after all the work was done (a friend moved there) I realized I cannot leave Sylt without risking a glimpse behind the dunes and get a serious nose full of salty sea breeze. 

The weather was all fifty shades of grey, but that was no problem since we were warmly dressed and just too excited to see the sea and everything. It is like therapy to walk on the beach, hear the noise of the waves, the blowing of the wind, smelling the salty air and feeling the sand under the feet... And I must say that Sylt always got something special.... 
Here comes a little dose of Westerland/Sylt for you.  

If I look at the pictures I can almost hear the sound of the sea... and the blowing of the wind... Can you feel it too?

Have you ever been to Sylt? Did you like it? 


  1. Oh wow I've never been to Slyt or even the sea in Germany - looks like it's worth a trip, even with the cold!

  2. I love the sea! One bad thing about living in southern Germany is it's just toooo far away from the beach!

    I can't read the word Westerland without hearing the song in my head. Haha.

    1. Ahh, yay -- the song is great ;-)

      Yes, me too -- love love love the sea.
      I would say, yes it is worth a trip. But to be fair, in the summer, or even in the spring it is way nicer. (Also the photos turn out to be much brighter then ;-))
      What I loved about the South were the close mountains. Even though I am not that much into skiing / hiking / climbing I did enjoy having them around.... They cannot compete against the splashy sea though...

      You should come up here for a visit ;-)


  3. Aww it looks amazing there!! I haven't been to Sylt yet, but I've always been wanting to go there!!
    But I'd prefer to do this in summer, when it's less freezing. ;)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous