Queen of distraction

Isn't it always the days you are supposed to finish something, like something very urgent, when all other things are looking too teasing, like for example writing something on the blog or anything? Well, for me it is not always easy to write, and my thoughts tend to come and go too fast and I barely take the time to actually catch them, write them down and share them, and think them all over again, a bit more slowly. I should. 
But it mostly never comes to it. 
Right now I am busy, should only focus on my work.

Anyways, I have a 1000 topics in mind to write about but I am going to postpone that.
Besides that, my mind also suggests to 
a) go running
b) clean the house  walk Josie
c) make a cup of tea
d) read the news 
e) make a cup of tea
f) ...

Does that sound familiar to anyone?

In the meantime, I will keep calm and carry on.

Svenja, Queen of distraction.

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