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Uhhh, I am so excited because today is a revolutionary day in my running career. I bought new running shoes. Woohoo, I seriously cannot wait until tomorrow so that I can try them out. It was definitely not an easy choice, but in the end I decided for the asics gel fuji attack, a trail running shoe in awesome colours (I am a girl, colour counts!!).

So, this is it. My new baby.

It took me really long to take this step as I was absolutely in love with my old asics gel - the relationship lasted (I am ashamed to say) 9 years. And I also assume they caused some small injury at my hip due to erosion of absorbability. 
Anyways, all my fellow running friends will perhaps of course shout at me, wave their hands in misbelief or question my ratio. 
Well, I have to say - in my defense, that I had some irregular training periods in between when I was more dedicated to horseback riding. But now -- finito.

Now, it will be all different. I will be running in my new shoes! Yay!!
Next goal: half-marathon!

What is your favourite shoe?

Happy running!



It has now been some four weeks since I bought this shoe and I must say it was worth it. After some smaller surprises of burning soles my feet got used to the shoe quite quickly and I made my first 10 km after 5 smaller training units. I also completed my so-far longest run of almost 20 km with those shoes -- which eventually convinced me to keep them (Over here you have a two week trial period. In case you cannot get used to the shoe, for whatever reason, you may bring it back to the shop and either ask your money back or swap it for a better fitting pair.). 
I usually train in the forest where the ground is quite stoney and hilly. Perfect for the Asics gel fuji attack as they seem to feel most comfortable in these surroundings. I also sometimes used them on roads - which works fine as well -- but due to the texture of the sole they won't last too long if I would only work out on roads. They are for cross country. 

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