Art for art's sake

THANK YOU for living in the 21st century!! 
I just discovered something new (woah, at least to me) and that is the Google art project. It is "an online platform through which the public can access high-resolution images of artwork housed in the initiative's partner museums". Woohoo - these are the days I enjoy the most about social media. Ha! Now I sit in my small worlds-apart village and can look at the most amazing art works - just when I want. 
Google Art works allows you to virtually walk through the museums (using -- tadaaaa google street view) and even to collect your own galleries. According to wikipedia they have now partnerships with 151 institutes, from 40 different countries and "expose" 32.000 artworks. 
You can search for artists, artworks, galleries and zoom into the works if you want to have a closer look.
I like. 

OK, I am off now - to London ;-)


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