Bond, Bambi and Brownies

I know it has been a while since my last post but here comes some bits of what I have been up to these days...
First of all I have been putting my efforts into recovery and I succeeded: Two weeks after  evil Friday (or surgery-day) I am as fit as ever, all ready to take off again and have had enough of reading magazines and being all careful. I have picked up working out and the surgery scars are healing perfectly fine, yay!
Secondly I am getting ready for the Bond affair next week and have picked a black dress and black high heels. I will be highlighting the outfit with a shiny clutch upon which I have not decided yet. As the black dress will be a little pailletty on the top I will leave my classy and beloved pearl necklace at home to avoid overdoing it. Instead I am going to opt for   a cute pearl bracelet with matching earrings. I try to be brave enough to wear very red and very exciting lipstick. At least I bought one already.
The huge question mark is my hair. To introduce it properly: My hair is a very stubborn species. Likes to do opposite of what I want it to do and the length is something half. Not long (I mean really long) and not short. It is neither extremely think nor thin and the colour is something in the blond spectrum. Sounds not too bad? Ha. You have not had to do my hair yet. It is a challenge. We will see. I probably will be ending up with putting it together and up somehow in the last minute just before it gets too filthy from all the trying out, ha ha. I have already tried some pinterest ideas on hairdo's but have failed so far to find one which fits the cause. 
  • Also, I have been reading this. A book which is - it seems - not really available in English yet. A book by an anonymous author based in London. It has been good entertainment so far, nothing I read can be compared to it. 
  • My ears have been spoiled by Anna Netrebko and with for example this song. Love it.
  • Experiencing serious writing block with no cure in sight. Will work on this. (Especially because I fancy writing blog posts)
  • Culinary highlights of this week: Pumpkin Soup, Greek Yoghurt Brownies, figs
  • Love to watch: James Bond 007 (ok. Not quite. But thought I need to get acquainted with Daniel Craig): Casino Royale.
  • Spending time observing that in fact, really everyone around me is getting married. And / Or pregnant. Seriously. Help!!
  • Smell: My fav fragrance is Miss Dior but I do have developed a weakness for these two recently: Prada Candy and Bambi.
  • When I am in my bedroom I am looking at Picasso's animal series, one of them you can find here.

Wishing you all a wonderful winterly weekend,


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