Perfect autumn day

Today it was some national bank holiday over here celebrating the re-union of the Eastern and Western parts of Germany (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) and we had our family day out very close to our home at the Winderatter Lake

It was a classic: Grey skies, brisk air and wind so strong that the trees were swinging back and forth. The leaves are just starting to change color and the black berries are rotting away as no one came to pick them. 

We started our two and a half hour walk close to the field with North American bisons. I have seriously never seen them for real, not even in a zoo -- and I must say, they are impressive. 

These were actually surrounded by high fences. 

As we walked on, we saw that the path lead through natural farmland, and the cattle and horses were just walking freely and took care of the landscape. However, we had to take care to not step into cow droppings. 

Have a lovely evening, everyone!



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