Meet 007!

OK, this very ordinary starting weekend turned out to be a real hit on my top ten weekend list: After getting poured while working out yesterday morning the weekend got significantly better: I got ready to spend a day at my friends farm, to just hang out, have long puppy walks through the fields, sipping red wine  - delicious Montepulciano which she brought from Tuscany last week (ignore the headache afterwards), listening to Patrick Miller's Dancing in London (which makes me wanna hop on a plane and go to that town immediately and dance the night through) and other housey stuff sleeping long and planning lots of beautiful things I came home around lunch time. Just before I was catching up with my dear Donny friend Kyra about good old and new times (she tries to drag me back to the city and I am afraid she almost got me that far, ha ha) I was invited to join a movie premiere for the new James bond flick starting soon, I believe it's called Skyfall. 
Uhh. Me? 
How cool is that??? 


I mean this is some sort of all-in deal, with evening dresses, grand hotel, elegant dinners, beautiful people etc etc. 

Ha. A few weeks ago, I was thinking that my life could have some more glitter on it. It felt so very unglamorous to live in the wild countryside of Northern Germany (don't get me wrong, I love it, it is just not at all glamorous), were the closest airport is 2 hours away (I am not joking, this is true. Sad, I know) and were style and fashion seem to be outlandish words for most peoples' everyday vocab. (I mean, same here. Instead of wearing my new cool black high heels I am walking around in.... wait for it... wellies. Because they just serve best.)

But now I will have a small tiny shiny highlight in my agenda to lighten up my day - every day ;-)

But what am I going to wear?
(Please, don't be shy and comment, I am grateful and delighted to hear -- well read your opinion on what to wear on such an occasion.)

I was thinking of something black and rather short, as I feel most comfortable in short dresses. If it should be a dress, no idea... Maybe it's better to wear some denims with a cool heel, a cool top and some nice handbag? Evening dinner and denims? No. Absolutely not. Obviously I cannot attend 007 with wellies, that is for sure, so I am to find an outfit soon, as it is already taking place by the end of the month.

Good, new project. But I guess I like it.
After that I will decide to become a fan of 007.


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