Crazy days

Sometimes life is quiet and sometimes - life is crazy. 
Like these days. 

During the last couple of them I have been out and about, ran a half marathon, met one of my best friends who lives in Geneve, got an invitation to a cool James Bond event hold in the capital, spent time outfit shopping for galas, made paintings for christmas prezzies (yes, I now, I am early you say - but inspiration and rushes of creativity need to be taken when they come), fought a stomach flu (nasty thing), went to a job interview for the perfect job (need all your fingers-crossed support, please!!), read all your lovely blog entries, pinterested around and will get surgery on my right index finger (no big deal) tomorrow which will make me spend a few days among sick people, nurses and doctors. And will hopefully return right in time for my pinteresting Tuesday post.

I will be reading unfinished books, new books, Vogues, and Wendys so that my time in the hospital will fly by and I will be back in no time. 

See you soon!


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