Pinteresting Tueday

Hello, I am back!! Happy to be home again after a few days in the hospital. I was discharged earlier then expected and am now able to contribute to pinteresting Tuesday -- at least a little bit. As I have my right hand in a gypsum I will make it short and let the pictures speak for themselves -- to avoid too much typing with my left hand, clumsy thing, ha ha (or -- you may call me lazy ;-) )
For the rest I spend my days holding my hand still, watching documentaries (just watched an AMAZING one made by and starring famous Andreas Kieling about the Yukon River, wow. Really.My little adventurer in me is awake now!!!), catching up on my favourite philosophy magazine, and reading (fashion) magazines which makes the wish list of small things material girls (every girl has its material outburst sometimes, hmm? So do I) love a bit longer ;-)
And of course I spend some time pinteresting, and this is what is on the top of my pint-wish-list.. Tadaaaaa:

Happy (pinteresting) Tuesday, everyone!

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