Friday's Letters

Last week I had my debut in the Friday's letters series and I thought is was fun to sum up my week in small letters.

Dear November: I am unashamed to say that I am happy that you are almost done! You certainly are the most nasty thing after the summer and there is hardly any other month I dislike that much. But I have to thank you for that bright & sunny day you have given us today -- it was splendid!! 

Dear blog friends: I am so happy to have you here! You make my day by leaving a lovely comment or joining in! Like this blogging is even more fun! Thank you!

Dear Grandma: Thank you very much for teaching me how to knit. When I quit learning it by the age of approximately 15 it was far too uncool to proceed - other things were simply more important. I am grateful that I now had the chance to learn it from the best knitter in the world (which is you of course) and excited to soon start my very own first scarf! (In simple left and right of course, I'll start slow)

Dear Christmas cookies: You are probably my only natural enemy. Could you please stop being so delicious??! I would love if you just go away so that I can follow my diet in peace again. Thank you!

Dear Mum & Dad: I hope you had a lovely wedding anniversary this week! Happy 31 years!! Congratulations! Love you both! 

Dear Santa: I have been a very good girl in 2012. Really. I just would like to remind you of this gorgeous quilted leather jacket, ok? I would love this very much indeed. Uh, and there is this lovely bookish agenda, which you can find here



  1. I hope Santareads your blog ;-)

    My least favourite month is January. Such a come down after the excitement of Christmas. It's still cold and grey and work starts again. Boooo!

    1. Yes,, me too! (Fingers crossed ;-))

      Yes, I agree, January is also pretty bad. Post Christmas - slump month. Booh!