Trip to Denmark

I grew up in the most Northern part of Germany, which is called Anglia (yes it has to do with the Angles and Saxons who discovered England in the first place ;-)). A 15 minute car ride away means, that basically the country happens to be only around the corner from me...

Even though I grew up so very close to our Nordic neighbors I hardly spent any time over there apart from beach holidays when I was very little. Today I have been over there as I helped a friend moving from Flensburg town (which is still in Germany) to Sønderborg. After the actual moving part of the trip we headed into town to do some shopping. It is a scenic little town with a small harbour, a beach and a few cute shops in the city. 
And, as I have hardly spent any time in Denmark and obviously as a kid was more focused on building sand castles I did not take much notice of cute little Danish towns ... I thought it was time to change that and have a small look: 

Today it is the last day of November (yay!!) which means Christmas time has kind of officially started (shops would not agree with me though, ha ha)and in Sønderborg that meant lighting the Christmas tree. It was a very big social event, with a lot of children calling the "juleman" (aka Santa) to turn on the lights of the huge tree on the market place.

For meat lovers there is a Danish steakhouse (Bǿfhus), a typical Danish shop for home accessories and kitchen utensils (very colorful and in some ways very Danish). Oh, and very important, a small stall where you can buy almonds. These have some sort of caramel icing over them and are simply mouth watering. 

When we did all the shopping we settled in a Danish cafe to have some hot going into cold (aka my body. We had minus 2 degrees here today). The cappuccino was utterly delicious. I skipped the Juleǿl (Christmas beer), but it did look awesome (I am more the wine kind of person).

We have also come along a few design houses -- something very typical to see in Denmark. Nordic design is world famous and known for its minimalistic style. While wandering through shopping streets it is very normal to see a furniture store next to a Vero Moda (my favorite Danish fashion store, you can check it out here).

Oh, and did you know that the Danes are utterly proud of their Dannebrog, which is how they call their flag? They even put it on their Christmas tree. Something unthinkable over here.. 

Talking of Denmark, did you know that it is not only famous for its design but is also home country of some internationally famous musicians?
Here are a few:

Aqua. Very famous in the nineties with their song "Barbie Girl". I believe they even made it in the US. We probably all know it

Whigfield. One hit wonder. Kind of. "Saturday Night" was it. I am sure you know. If not, this is it: Deedeenanana...

Aura Dione. Some pop music from 2012.

Lukas Graham. Drunk in the morning. Still a bit new. Also a bit cool. Reminds me of Robbie Williams songs.

If you like to read some more on life in Denmark and the Danes you should check out Hannahs blog. An American girl in Copenhagen. She is awesome. 

Have you been to Denmark? How did you like it?

Enjoy your weekend!


PS: Apologises for the poor quality of the pictures my iPhone takes... I seriously need to upgrade my photo equipment.... SANTA ??! I was a very good girl, you know... 


  1. Haha, Saturday NIght. I still know the dance!!
    Aura Dione was at Das Fest in Karlsruhe last year. Terrible, horrible music!

    If you want to hear a good Danish musician, check out Tina Dico. Love, love, love her!!

    I've never been to Denmark. I only made it to Scandinavia for the first time this year - we went to Stockholm in the summer.

    1. Uh, yes it is not quite my style either, but she (Aura Dione) seems pretty famous as her songs are played in the radio all the time.
      Which dance? Is there a special dance? (I must be a pop music Neanderthaler as well, ha ha)
      Denmark is nice, the people are very sweet.

      Never been to Sweden though, but it is on top of my list!!

      Thank you for all your lovely comments!