Letters and hats - revisited

Once I wrote a post about letters and hats and how much I'd love them to have a happy revival.

I am super surprised that it did not take the hats very long to re-appear in stores again! Now we just have to write more letters.

However, when I saw those shelfs in de Bijenkorf (aka my other home for the time I lived in the Netherlands) last winter season, I was already so happy. 

I do have one great pink races hat but barely any occasion to wear it... so I stayed off those (it was kinda hard though).

But now, I am happy utterly delighted that hats are to find in almost every high street fashion store - yahoooo! All kind of hats! Floppy hats, small hats, big hats, all colors, styles and shapes basically!

Today it was the day when I thought it was time for a floppy hat for myself. A very (I find) wearable alternative to above ones which seem to always need a special occasion such as weddings or races (which are very rare over here).
My new filthy friend is by Esprit, dark brown with a small leather band detail around the rim. Unfortunately, it did not come with a small bow, but I am working on that the diy way to make it the way I want....

Earlier this afternoon I took my dog out for a walk ... doing that I thought it won't hurt taking my hat out for a walk as well.

And this is how my new baby looks like:

While I was more than enthusiastic about my new accessory Josie was all indifferent about my new hat and enjoyed the misty fall weather...

So, how about wearing more hats and writing more letters? ;-)
Have a bomb weekend, everybody!



  1. The hat really suits you! I would probably be more into hats if most of them didn't look so stupid on me.

    Your dog is so cute :-)

  2. Hi Bevchen,

    Thank you! I thought so too in the beginning, but trust me -- there are so many shapes of hats and I am sure if you keep on looking and trying there will be hats looking fab on you!

    Hehe, yes, Josie is a real darling! Makes me smile every day, again and again!


  3. Wow love the hats they are all so really nice. Josie is so cute

    1. Thank you! Yes, Josie is my darling! Love hats too. Just got myself another black one, ha ha (I guess I am addicted)