Top 10 Tips against Autumn Blues

It is cold and dark outside, the streets are empty and being all alone here makes me feel that the time is right to sum up some top 10 tips before this grumpy guy called autumn blues is coming around the corner. 
This year he can bugger off immediately, I find :-)

Here we go:

1) Make drinking all kinds of chai lattes a daily habit. 

2) Go out and shop a nice anti-autumn blues outfit.I always get inspiration via pinterest.

3) Make sure you always have an umbrella with you. There is nothing more nasty than being cold AND wet.

4)I know this one is a killer. But in the end it kills the autumn blues for sure: Jump into your running shoes and do it. 

5)Take your dog (or neighbors'- he will love it)  and go out for long walks in the nature and have a look on this years decay. Look at the colours. Isn't it gorgeous?

6) Take a long hot bath. And make sure you have a chilled bottle of bubbles ready for after! Cheers!

7)Buy a nice dress and go out. There is little more vitalizing than being among other people, dance the night away and have a glass. Or two.

8) Plan things. Go to places. Inspiration is just waiting for you!

9) Make dates. Have Rendez-vous. Invite friends. Organize a dinner party. However. Get together! And laugh as much as you can!

10)Clean out your room, flat or house. Get rid of things you don't need. Don't love. Or have twice. There are friends who might need exactly this thing. There is charity - someone somewhere out there will surely benefit from our social moment today and wears our old shirt. And a smile! Ah, and there is the bin! :-) A sweep through the place brings a whole lot of new energy into it and will change your mood directly - promised! Bonus: Your place is cleaned up as well. 

Oh. And there is maybe one more option what to do to try and kill the autumn blues. And this is

10b) throw yourself completely in it. Watch Bridget Jones' diary, the holiday, love actually, BBC Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility right after another, laugh, cry, eat as much Ben & Jerry's and chocolate as you find and have yourself hungover from those bottles of wine that you are fed up with autumn blues anyways and start working out and party just volunteerly the next day! :D

Anything to add at this point? I am pretty sure I am missing out a lot of things.

Have a lovely week!


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