After my very exciting Skyfall week this week has been a quiet one.

Very quiet.

To take Josie out and have some fresh air I went to the small city of Eckernfoerde to meet my friend Kathrin for a nice long walk along the beach and the historical harbor. 

I did not only meet Kathrin, but also this little guy, a seagull, with beautiful brownish sprinkles on his feathers. 

Me and Josie on the beach. 

Me and Kathrin using self-shot option of my iPhone

Black and white me

Playing with Josie

Having a night out at home alone

with my friends. 

M. Erlot & A. Winehouse 

Ahhhh, something very beautiful happend yesterday: An eagle owl was sitting on a rooftop right in Flensburg city center. 
Fascinating! He sat there, quiet and overlooked everything. After a long time he spread his wings
and flew over to the next rooftop and kept on watching.

I know, the quality of the picture is poor, but I was not that lucky to a) have a professional camera at hand, or b) be in the flat right were he was sitting... Nevertheless, it was a far too beautiful experience to not share it here!

Oh, and I just heard that it brings luck and wisdom for those passing by!

*PS: I was lucky enough to receive an email fully loaded with top-quality pictures from my gorgeous little feather friend -- check it out here.

On Sunday, I met my other friend, Ramona for a long walk in the autumn forest!

Decay is making its way but keeps on delighting us with its colors! 


And here, another one, where the sun sneaks into the picture! 

Oh. And meet him! Isn't he gorgeous?!

After the walk we deserved a nice hot drink. This time I had fresh Maroccan mint tea.

Accompanied by a slice of something very naughty:
Blueberry Pannacotta- tart.

Who do we have here?! I have spotted this little fury person not in her bed.
She went on to have a little nap on mine.
At least until I spotted her ;-)

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