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Hi girls, 

did autumn blues already say "hello" maybe? Or do you just need some easy peasy but enchanting quick read for this season? Then I can warmly recommend Christmas at Tiffany's by Karen Swan. It is witty and heartwarming and the characters are there to be your friends!

The story unwinds pretty quickly when Cassie, our heroine finds out about her unfaithful husband right- at their 10-year-wedding-anniversary party. She leaves the bash head over heels and moved to New York City just like that. She stays with her Manhattan based friend Kelly who is a big PR princess in the fashion industry. The plan is to make Cassie stay at each of her best friends (they know each other since childhood) for 4 months to help to get her over this episode which she used to call her life. 
As soon as she arrived in NYC she got her total make-over. New hair, fancy clothes (which was not exactly important in the Scottish highlands where she used to live)and a job in fashion PR and slowly she is finding her energy back. Uhh, and there are men popping up into her life again. Guess what: Not her husband! But serious lovers, gay hairdressers and friends who come with mysterious to-do lists! Fun guaranteed!!Promised.
Next stop: Paris. Wonderful beautiful Paris (not that I have been yet). Now, Swan is now taking us by the hand and showing us classy, elegant and delicious Paris. For Cassie that means new city, new look and she finds herself once again at the hairdressers with a changed hair color and cut, and wrapped into new clothes by her Parisian friend Anouk. Elegant, and a very New Yorkish black is now replaced by mild brown, elegant blouses -- Parisian understatement all the way and her new job at Dior is keeping her busy. Missing her NY friends Cassie finds herself in Paris with a new list in her hands with things to do in Paris. How exciting! She starts her journey with meeting a retired and very grumpy gourmet chef, who turns into  her friend and helps her finding her real passion, which is cooking. Just after she has decided to settle down in Paris for good her friend committed suicide and she lost all her spirits and took the next flight to London, to meet and live with her friend Suzy. 
Suzy happens to be an always hungry and very pregnant wedding planner from Battersea with a very hot but very engaged brother....

Romance is taking an extra round here, so grab a cup of tea, hot chocolate or, better, a glass of wine and enjoy!
It is all worth it!

What is your book recommendation for this season? I'd love to hear from you!

Love & happy weekend everyone,
Svenja x

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