My Tuesday on Pinterest

Recently I have turned into a very bad pinterest addict. There is almost no day without some serious pinning for inspiration. I have to admit when I started my first boards on pinterest I was not really sure what to do with this gadget now. Only after some time (months in my case) when I pinned more and more I recognized the fun and the usefulness in it. Useful in the case of recipes for example. I can keep them all on one board and just click it whenever I fancy some culinary highlights. These reach from small snacks, delicious skinny recipes, cake, soups and vegetarian variants. So handy to have them there all together (not that I am kitchen-heroine)but it is just, you know handy - just in case I need them :-) 
Also it serves me as a vision board for things I want to achieve, visit, purchase, make, or just a collection of pretty things I like. 

Here is my latest hunt:

Skinny pops 
(ok, I have to admit winter is approaching by now and perhaps not the first choice right now, but summer is returning one day!!)


Not so skinny but at least equally delicious: 
Berry Almond Butter Cake with Lemon Curd Cream Cheese Frosting

For him - Hats are cool. 


Style Watch:
Olivia Palermo. 
Wearing the perfect outfit (*want*)

This will be me in the near future. Who wants to join me? 

Love the olive.

Thank you , America.

He is seriously cool!!

Isn't he?

Have a great week!

Svenja x

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