Recently I have been sharing a lot of images via Pinterest. 

As I also found / am obsessed with some really cool videos I thought I might share it on my little webblog...

Here it is:
-Click to watch-

Ha ha -- surprise surprise :-) After all.
James Bond theme song. 


there is something about Mitt Romney. Not.
Nevertheless, some people have taken the effort and wrote a "song" for him.
Did not even know the original, but
this is already a youtube hit. 

I know that taking political sides should not be topic of my blog or anything, but since I am European and not eligible to vote I think I might say my view on things. Although, I have to say that I really distance myself from any hatred campaigns via other social media, this is really out of standard in my opinion.


Once upon a time there was a phony king of England...

Prince John 

Thank you Walt Disney & Team !

Can somebody just 'not' be familiar with this guy?!
You may call me childish now :-) but I so love those Disney movies.


And something Londonish to close down the weekend with:

I wish I could come back to town over new years to celebrate with my London based friends and just dance the night away!


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