This past week I was invited by my friend Kathrin to attend the James Bond premiere in Berlin including a nice dinner and a sleepover in a grand superior hotel in the capital. 
It was grand!

On the way to the venue.
The freaking idiot ICE train was having technical problems. So we ran late.

But we had fun on the train ride drinking champagne 
(yes, with straws. I know. Not so stylish. This is what comes out of it when forgetting champagne glasses, ha ha. 
Thank you Starbucks for this last minute solution to our serious problem)

As Deutsche Bahn messed it up, we came about one and a half hours late. 

Finally we got there.

When we finally arrived at the hotel we had approximately 3 minutes to get changed.
This is where the ultimate chaos started. Or: How to make a room look messy within less than two minutes...

Even though we were completely too late already I am nerdy enough to have patience and check my mails...

Next we rushed down the hallways in order to catch the taxi to the next venue. A restaurant which was announced as "a surprise". 

Well, I thought already through how surprising a restaurant can be, but the true secret I did not find out until we got there: 
A dark restaurant.
It is called Nocti Vagus.

The clue was that the serving rooms were really completely in the dark side. 
This is also why I could not take any pictures :S

All waiters had a serious eye-sight handicap or were completely blind and I must say they did a great job!! 

For me this was a little claustrophobic and all in all scary-intimidating-uncomfortable experience.
The food was nice though.
(even though I did not know what EXACTLY I was having as I had the vegetarian menu and the waiter did not know what it was.)

Our next stop was the cinema. 
THE cinema. 
Cinemaxx Potsdamer Platz.

We were late. 
No Daniel Craig.
No photos.
No popcorn.
No drinks.
But we came with one of those long bling bling Lincoln stretch limousines.

And then we watched the super brand new Bond movie.
I am not going to spoil the plot or any other crucial information here, but if you cannot wait until you watch Skyfall yourself you might wanna read parts here.

Also love the song, Sky fall. Performed by Adele.

After the movie we received an official movie poster from the event organizers (thank you!); it is always nice to "have" something afterwards, isn't it? just for the "feel" of things.

Once finished the two and a half hour movie marathon we had only little time to return to our vehicles to get started for a small city tour:

Kathrin and me in front of the vehicle. I must say, I was a little bit embarrassed. You know this certain kind of embarrassment when finding myself in a situation I feel not entitled to. Such as riding in one of those limousines. 
This is for important people. Not me.
Opposite you can see assume more like the Hotel Adlon, perhaps the most famous of Berlins first class accommodations.

Kathrin and me sightseeing.

The limousine corso also stopped in front of Berlin's most famous monument, the Brandenburger Tor. 

Oh, and when we got back to the Savoy, we had quite fun. Drinking champagne and taking the chance of "getting ready" properly, as 3 minutes weren't quite enough.

After "we got ready" we went down into the hotel bar and had a glass of champagne. Or two. Or so.
No photos.
Maybe better ;-)

After a long day and night in Berlin we went to bed. 

Good night, Berlin!

The next day (or: two hours later) we enjoyed a fabulous breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant. 
They had everything.
I had Bircher Muesli, fresh fruit and salmon.

Check out. 
(Loved this paining in the lobby.)

We went home.

Hello, normal life. I am back!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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