Spanish Design: Loewe

When I was browsing the internet some months ago looking for vacant positions at a company called Loewe, I was convinced I was finding the web home of a high end TV set (and other electronics) manufacturer. I was -obviously- quite mistaken when I bumped into  this page. I was immediately uh and ah and forgot all about my planned investigation with the other (electronics) Loewe and went web window shopping.
Much more appealing than browsing vacant jobs.

Anyways, Loewe is a Spanish design house for handbags and accessories and founded no later than 1846 in Madrid. 

Think classy, think style, think that little something, think luxury, think exclusivity.
Think Loewe. 

I already published a small post about my crush with a Loewe handbag some time ago, but now I find that the tide is high for some more looking into the brand.

Pink perfection.

Perfection in black

And something a little hip with adding some color:

Or this one: Also chic and timeless

So, what do you think? 



  1. love the bags! mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)