New home

When moving to a new place there is -- among all other aspects -- one part which is truly the most delightful of all: Taking care of interiour design. Colours, arrangement of furniture, accessories is so much fun, really. 

My all time favorite colors if it comes to interior design are white (for all major items), and light pink and grey. 

I decided upon white furniture in the living room. When I moved in I found one wall painted in a fairly dark blue. I still have to think about whether I leave it or paint it white, which I usually prefer...

Since I really like the design and of course their attractive prices I decided to decorate my flat almost entirely from IKEA items. They are somewhat timeless, simple and yet beautiful, I find. Bonus: They are not overly expensive, and if I happen to stumble upon something unique and quite must have in the future I can just exchange it - without feeling guilty.

Here is a small sneak peak into my new home: 

What do you think?

For now I will go out for a small run to enjoy the --- wait for it --- SUN!! 


Happy Sunday!


  1. Sun? Really? Jeakous! The snow has finally caught up with us.

    I love that plant pot in the second to last picture. Actually, I like the one in the first photo as well.

  2. Yes, really. It is also out today. But accompanied by freezing -5 degrees -- pffff.
    Thank you, me too. But I have to admit that the first one is fake lavender, ha ha. Saw it at IKEA and quite liked it. (Also, I cannot forget watering it properly)

    Have a good week!

  3. Das sieht alles schön hell und gemütlich aus! =) Ich habe leider nicht so das Händchen zum Einrichten und Dekorieren! :/

    Ich wünsch dir noch einen schönen Tag!

  4. It looks simply lovely and I can't wait to see more!

  5. Just catching up on your blog posts after my week away escaping the cold UK. Your home is looking great already - I love all the white furniture and what a cute pink cup. you are getting organised very quickly!

  6. tank you for your comment!!
    happy week:))

  7. Congrats on your new place! I'm a fan of white too. I like how pretty your new home is with a relaxing corner perfect for reading.

    1. Thank you so much, Arni! Hope you had a wonderful trip!!

  8. Hahaha! Good one!
    Really loving the design scheme - I love white too, I think it looks really elegant/rustic/organic at the same time. You've good taste *wink!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog as usual! :) It's been harder and harder to keep writing as I approach the last 2 months of my uni life but I'm not giving up and I'm soon to have many many adventures to share on the blog. This weekend I'm set on a photographic essay of the countryside and the never coming summer . My philosophic friday post will come tomorrow at 09:00 and it's about "bad luck" + finding happiness... a recurring theme in my inspirational posts!
    how's your new city treating you? x

  9. hello Svenja!
    i've been quite a bad blogger myself! i just started an intership in another city and i comute to casablanca every day, so i take the 6h30 am train and do not get home until 9pm so it's been quite a tiring week for me i was barely on internet! and regarding your comment on my blog, please if you do come to morocco, let me know, i'd love to show you around!
    now your new home seems lovely! and i'm sure you'll do great with the decoration! i've seen some quite unique vintage pieces today at a shop, nothing to do with ikea and they were just magnificient but way too expensive for my budget! it's so exciting when you move in to a new place! how are things going? do you like it in there so far?

  10. Your new home is looking fantastic!!! I love the little reading table! Congrats on such a fun new step!