All about fall


hope everyone had a good start to the new week. Half of September is already over, autumn is coming quickly and with that the shops are full with fall fashion.

I am not such fan of bordeaux red which is hitting the stores everywhere (it kind of reminds me of the times when we went to our first ballroom events, and all girls where wearing the same kind of horrible, horrible bordeaux red dresses. Sorry. But I am not sorry. You may judge me now. I don't care - It's just a matter of taste and I will not become friends with this color. ever.)Anyhow, another color is BIG this fall and its dark GREEN!! Woohaa, love it!! It gives me a warm comfortable feeling of cosy and classy(if that makes any sense at all)., you know this Barbour and Jaguar green. Dark green goes perfectly well with brown, which I also love. And black. And dark blue (my all time favourite) Voila - Perfect! *Necessity mode on*. For the rest, I am not such a huge fan of this fake fur / leather stuff, but I love plaid. And hats, luckily I still have a few from last season. 

Uhh, to overcome the summer-is-over-blues I have just discovered something incredibly awesome: There are special offers available for Euro-city trips at airberlin and I am almost - almost about to book something like Rome, Paris or Vienna or Barcelona for just below 100 EUR - return. Difficult one. To quote Oscar Wilde, I can resist anything, but temptation; I defo need to check out when I can have a few days off. And who is going with me, since city trips are so much more fun when spend together! Exploring the place alone is also delicious, but visiting the dodgy ends is a bit cooler when not alone. Defo something to escape autumn blues, don't you think?


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  1. I actually like the red, but then red is my favourite colour. I bought a dark red and a dark green skirt in the exact same style from Orsay and I love them both.