Random thoughts

Happy Sunday everyone!

Isn't it just delicious to have no real plans on such a day?

The last few days have been heavy, emotional-wise.

Worrying about a family member is hard, and energy draining, and seeing someone usually filled with energy lying there and need help with everything is one of the lectures in life, nobody can be prepared for, properly.


I keep asking myself 

what is left if nothing is left?

To me.

The answer is clear.

If there is nothing left, there will always be 



I have seen a lot of Braunschweig lately, in fact I actually moved here.

I love this place.

Ah, and there is someone else I love.

Who has a lot of fur.


While she seems thinking about wether to go in for a bath later...

.. She had made up her mind quickly...

And of course wondering wether she would actually go IN the water was completely unnecessary.

Of course she went in.

(fyi It has to be 10 degrees below zero to keep her out.)

We also went for walks in the neighborhood (her empire, you know)and we found beautiful trees with wonderfully red apples on them.

And because the weather was kind of not so nice, rather autumn-fashion-like, I went with wellies and function wear to keep dry.

Not too sexy. 
I know. 
But still - I shall wear them with as much grace as possible :-)

Rain is not totally bad, it makes beautiful pearls on these pink flowers...

But still 
I kind of find it hard to let go of summer.

That is why I have to find a few good things about autumn.


walking in the nature and hear the rustling of the colorful leaves.
go shopping for new autumn fashion items (I think this will be my favorite)
Have lots of hot bubble baths with candles on and without having the sun shining brightly into the bathroom ruining the cosy atmosphere 
(Yes, I confess, I took a lot of bubble baths even in summer)

Going for sauna / spa days is also much more fun if it is dark outside

Wearing our favourite Barbor Bedale Jacket and wellies 

Looking forward to Christmas market season


If you have any trick to overcome the breaking-up-with-summer blues, please let me know.

Happy Sunday!!



  1. You moved to Braunschweig? What happened to Bielefeld?

    Josie is as cute as ever.

    1. Yeah, I did -- never a dull moment ;-)

      Yes, she is and I love and miss her loads .... How's life in Karlsruhe?

    2. Cold and wet mostly! Autumn has arrived...