When I was diving through the internet today I bumped into the plans of Greenpeace who plans to launch a campaign against high energy usage and big tech firms.
They were were looking for a name for this campaign on social media and I am happy to see that within a couple of minutes there where already many shares, likes and comments.
As being involved with green electronics myself I truly believe that soon the green revelution will go loose and the big giants as RWE, E.On and other huge energy suppliers have to go down on their knees.
I believe that soon we will have more transparency about energy usage of big companies. This could be provided by smart meters and sensors which could be visible online, visible to everyone.
To launch press releases about a company's green activity is nice. But can that be proved? Difficult.
So what we should have is a tool which shows us who is using what and how much, so that there is a "size-it-down" competition. Smart meters can already show how much a private household uses compared to the whole district, so why not making a network of the "big fish"? To really show, who is wasting, who is using green energy? I think that could really make a big step ahead to push the green revolution forward! And it would help to make a difference: If the big ones go a) down on energy usage and b) switch to green energy, the energy giants are forced to switch as well.
To come back to Greenpeace: They have also made a list how to contribute, with Things you can do, which you can find here. I really like the "donate a tweet a day". That is something everyone can afford and can have so much effect.
Come on, let's tweet again!

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