Recently a certain thought has been crossing my mind. What would I do, when I suddenly had a lot of money, so much, that I have never have to worry about money anymore and can have a good life for the rest of my years?
I thouht, what will I do then, and how I will feel, and think about what and if something changed?
Mmmmh, good question. Interesting question. Never really thought about as I have spent the last couple of years being a rather poor student. Lived in a dodgy student appartment, spent most of the monthly budget on clothes and parties, and that was all -- surprise - surprise financed by a student loan I got from our house bank.
Anyways, to come back on this particular question, I would start with a very generous money transfer to this bank, and pay everything back in one time, to be once and for all off with it.
Next thing I do, is to buy something, which I would never have bought before with a "normal" (--What is normal? One which is gone by the end of the month? Something like that) budget. Thinking of an incredibly expensive pair of shoes (yes, I know.... soo girly) or a handbag (always wanted to have one of those from Hermes). If that is done, I make a list of all beloved family members and invite them all to a big family dinner and share a huge part of the money with them, that they can let their children study (so they need no fu**** study loan), pay for their morgage, or fly into a nice far away vacation or whatever they would really like to have or do. Then I would make plans to visit my dear friends in those various parts of the world - holiday destinations are taken care of too now. I would buy a couple of horses to ride and breed them. As my material wishes are finally settled now, I try to be politically active. Promoting Europe (united one of course) is one of my favourite topics. Suggest high taxation on meat. I would work as a volonteer. Where? I do not know where people are needed at this moment, but I am sure that I find a place very soon. Otherwise I go and walk dogs from the animal asylum. Perhaps adopt one. Would my state of mind really change? No, I do not think so. OK, having money saves some stupid thoughts wasted on worries, but a happy mind is a happy mind, or is there something like overhappy?

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