Books and memories.

Reading is different from watching television I find. It is more active and means being personally involved. First, because the reader follows the scenes and the dialoges (similar as watching a movie on television) and second because he is reflecting everything from his point of view and imagines everything as he likes - But - and that is different from a rather passive activity as watching a movie - he has to as otherwise the characters are not talking or acting. They would keep rather quiet and remain without colours. Because a book requires some action from the reader it also became part of him, and the reader becomes part of the book. Fascinating.

I started reading as soon as I was able to. I was 7. Probably. I already loved to dive into a story and share the protagonists sympathies and feared the same characters they feared, loved the same they loved and felt their disappointment, trust and love.
This love for books did not turn less throughout the years - it kind of has been institutionalized as part of my life, the protagonists of a book are my companions for the time being. I always read only one book at a time as the protagonists kind of become my friends and I don't know why and it maybe sounds odd but otherwise I feel that I am not loyal towards them.
Reading it is a little bit like co-existing in the story and co-experiencing everything what is in it. It is like travelling, after having been somewhere I have vivid memories from the place. But to be honest those memories, do not really differ in quality from those booky memories I have when I read a book. It is like it really WAS.
It just doesn't works with sci-fi stories, or fantasy - as my mind immediatly told me that this IS NOT. That is maybe why I never really fell for these kind of genres. Funnily enough, this doesn't count for settings at another time, like the past. Maybe because it HAS BEEN. I actually particicularly enjoyed walking around in old draughty castles, or spending extensive time on horsebacks, just exactly until I get up and make myself a cup of tea using a kettle or switching on the heating to get warm again - how comfortable. But memory works the same way, it feels like travelling. Kind of time travelling then. Cool.
I think I'd like to have a library later. A whole room full with wisdom and knowledge, adventures and love stories, means a room full of life! To sit in there to study, to read, to have conversation must be utterly inspiring. Uhhh- how perfect it must be, sitting on those old Chesterfield sofas, having a cup of tea and talk with a friend about politics, philosophy - or bookish memories. How utterly delightful.

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