Oranje and cool British

Cheers!! It is Monday again, and the Queen has had her 60th. 
This past weekend a few things were absolutely dominant over here: 

First: Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the 60th throne jubilee. The British monarchy seems to be more in fashion than ever. 

And second: The Dutch soccer team played a friendly match against Northern Ireland and behaved as they are already European champion. 
At least the fans think so. It seems.

What do those events have in common?  Very simple: People can be so utterly crazy about it!

First things first. The Queen. 60 years head of Great Britain and the Commonwealth. Congratulations! Well done. The monarchy. Is it not a concept completely out of date? A concept of past, dusty times, where people did not know better than believing in their monarch? Do they still have their legitimization to be there?
I do not know. I think yes, and no. That the monarchy is not needed to rule a state or a nation is for sure. Many countries do not have a royal head of state anymore, or - even as Brittania herself is only ruled by a constitutional monarchy. But there seems to be another reason why the monarchy is legitimated: Because it is "in". They are cool. The nation is celebrating its Britishness and their idol figures, which might no longer be the Queen, but the young generation, the offsprings. Prince Harry, known as party prince - as many scandals as positive publicity. William and Kate, the shiny couple and future regents. No scandals, but excellently looking (also in H&M and Zara of course), smiling, sympathetically and trustworthy, promising "we are the future of England and everything will be ok".
And the crowd is celebrating them, not caring about the costs which might be caused through the expensive life style the royals live -- which need to be paid by them.

Therefore it seems legitimate and very likely that queens and kings will still be with the British in the future, even though the concept of monarchy is out of date. And I also kind of like them.  

I also learned another thing this weekend: Those half hats decorating royal heads are called fascinators. Fascinating. Want one too. They're cute. Just, when to wear? Time, please bring us back hats and fascinators!! 


Second thing I have decided for myself: I am annoyed. Annoyed by this European Champions cup in the (football -- soccer) world. Everything is orange over here. Oranje all the way. Yes. Even more orange than usual. The fans are already either celebrating their team either as already champion or will say, nonono, this time we will not be good, the Germans (for example) will win as a clear sign of understatement. (Vice versa in Germany, I guess). 

I decided to stay out of this. But I wish everyone the greatest fun in the world. Hup Holland, hup!!


Uhhh, and one more thing I have learned, and that is that the most perfect Sherlock Holmes is played by Rupert Everett. Thank you, BBC.
Most coincidentally I zapped into the channel yesterday and was utterly delighted. Day made.

Have nice week everyone


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