Blog jubilee

When I joined blogger last year I have been absolutely new in the blogsphere and did not know anything about writing, creating and hosting a blog at all. 
Then I came across the idea to try it out and was quite surprised how easy it all is. Quite secure - even for beginners. Like me.

I do not know much about blogging but I found out that it is fun and helps order my mind chaos a little bit.

By now I really love to take time and create a small post, think about new topics, align it with nice pics and read along other bloggers' stories. 

Last weekend I wrote my 100th post and I thought it's time to say thanks to all of you who are visiting my small space of creativity on the web, no matter if you came by coincidence or as a more frequent guest. 

I am more than amazed that I had visitors from every part of the world. Wow!!

Thank you so much!!

I am also super delighted about your comments -- please keep them coming, they make me happy!

Hope to see you again very soon!!

Have a very nice Monday,



  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Blogjubiläum!!!!! Du postest aber auch wirklich fleißig! Alles lieb und bis morgen! Anja

  2. Hallo liebe Anja, vielen Dank ;-)
    Fahre nun doch morgen nach Koeln, um meiner Karriere ein bissl auf die Spruenge zu helfen, aber wir finden einen neuen Nachmittag!!

    Liebste Gruesse