Away from home alone

The weekend is over far too soon again and it has been a beautiful one.
I did a lot of running, yoga and meditations and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Especially on Sunday the weather was gorgeous:
The sun came out to play 

and so did we...

The dogs seemingly had some serious sniffing business to sort out....

Later on they seriously even swapped holes to check whether the other one did a proper job ;-)

The girls:
My mum, my sister and myself.

Today I drove all the way down to a place in the middle of the country.

It is called Bielefeld. 
And it is beautiful.

To get an idea of the place I went out for a run, since I needed to get rid of my energy after the 4,5 hour drive anyhow.

Back in the hotel room I need to turn on some music. 
I always feel that music is most comforting when away from home alone.
Good reason to play some of my favorite tunes.


Yesterday my running pal M has told me about their fasting traditions. Every year each family member would chose something they would stay away from for 7 weeks; they are free to chose, what it would be.
And I found that this is a great idea.
I mean, I never did fasting before and I thought it is a brilliant idea to join in and stay away from everything sweet for 7 weeks.
This Wednesday. 
Until Easter.
Puhhh. Long time.
But I thought it should be a real challenge, so mere abstinence of TV watching would not work for me since I hardly watch any.
Alcohol also not, since I hardly drink any.
I don't smoke, I don't eat any meat.
So, I could go vegan for 7 weeks, or go sweetless - and the latter definitely is the harder choice.
My family is also participating: 

My little sister is joining me in going without sweets.
My dad is going without meat (and he is a real meat lover), my mum is joining him, plus she is going without wheat.

Is anyone of you fasting? Did you ever do that before?
What are your experiences?
What is your 'without' for the next 7 weeks?


And now I will make myself a little bit less alone and go and find a nice bar where they serve me some olives and crackers and a lil glass of vino to comfort me, ha ha.

Have a great (Carnival) week!

Svenja xx
(who really is absolutely ZERO into Carnival!)


  1. Hey Svenja! Is this your first time doing abstinence? I'm thinking of following in your footsteps but have no clue what to give up. Maybe it should be laziness but I don't know if that counts. Perhaps alcohol. I don't drink much at all but 7 weeks is a long time.... x

  2. I thought Bielefeld didn't exist? ;-)

    I gave up chocolate for Lent once. It was surprisingly easy. I only gave up chocolate though - not all sweet things.

  3. Ah gotta take in every moment of hte sun you could get here. Looks like a wonderful day!

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  5. oh my goodness the country town looks AMAZING. Totally amazing.

    My family never did lent. But I do like the idea of giving up something.

  6. This place looks beautiful. Great you went for a run. Wow, 7 weeks. I did abstinence from facebook once. :) Have a great weekend!

  7. Lovely photos! So sparkling and fresh looking. Good luck with your goal to give up sweets. That would be very hard to do so I admire you and your sister for doing it.

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  8. Lovely happy photos with your family and the scenery is very pretty with amazing blue skies. Today we actually have a blue sky in England after many grey rainy days. I know people here give up things like chocolate and sweets etc. for the period called Lent - six weeks I think.

  9. I MISS SUNSHINE!!! So jealous of your stunning photos and gorgeous scenery! I haven't jumped on the Lent bandwagon, though I am attempting to eat a few less carbs...not an easy task in Russia. :)

  10. aw cute!

  11. Looks like you had an adorable and lovely family day!

    I hope you are taking care, all the best :)


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by!
      Yes it was lovely indeed!


  12. looks like you had a great time! enjoy your time with your family i'd say it's one of the most important things in life :)

  13. No sweets - that's brave, but doable I'm sure. You'll be fine and with your sister doing it to and everyone else being supportive, you'll be better for it :) These photos have me longing for winter, but instead I'm sending you warm sunny thoughts from Australia xoxox

  14. What a lovely, lovely looking weekend you had.

    Its so nice to know you can breathe and come back to the people you love.

    Hope you are well, take care :) xxx

  15. hello darling!
    yes the bag is loewe:))
    Your town its very very nice:))