Bedtime thoughts

Hot summer nights seem over but the heat still feels comfy in our homes. Especially bedrooms seem to soak the hot air like crazy. My living room for example stays cool, even after this heat wave:
I am talking socks. Trousers. i mean long trousers, you know, like we wore in May this year in autumn. Really. I am not kidding.


Anyhow, the heat is over, a cool breeze comes in through my wide open window, and I hear the traffic noise sweeping in from time to time. Like waves sweep on the shore. 
Coming and going. 

I try to close my eyes and sink into some much needed sleep, but my thoughts keep me busy and persistantly knock on my subconscousness, surrounding me with bits and bobs of life philosophy.
Life is like water. 
Coming going.
Life and death.
In cycles.
But always there. In Thunder. In lighning. In bright sunshine.

What if we behaved like the water?
Accept coming and going. 
Give and take.
Give way to the constant flow.
Of things. Events. People. Whatever.
Accept that each and everything in life has its place and its reason.
Like the water.

I find life difficult at times.
Do you too?




  1. I read this in my current book "Chasing Daylight" written by a dying person, the ex Chairman of KPMG International. At Age 53. He described "Water is the flow between the two (worlds). Water has no beginning or end.Water is continuity.Water is life." There is a similarity of great minds.

  2. :) Life is difficult at times. Acceptance is the first step for more creativity for ideas and the emptiness for the greater purpose to show you the path.