Sunday, lovely Sunday

Isn't it wonderful to have a quiet weekend ahead sometimes? This time I was so much looking forward to catching in some sleep.

To have a relaxing Sunday all I needed were a few essential ingredients. Quiet time, a book, a bubble bath, and season two of Sex and the City.

First things first:

After waking up well after breakfast time I decided to go out for a run first. A lazy day should not to be interrupted.
Let's go.

When I came back it was time for breakfast, and this time it was a fruity one. Mango-Coconut Smoothie with a bit of mint. Delicious.

I am unashamed to say that I then spend time with watching Sex and the City. Yes. By daylight. No. I had no better things to do. It has been some time that I met 'the ladies' and it was fun. However, as much as Disney learned me about romance (aka Prince Charming will wait for you, eventually, without doing much, you know), Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte learned me I must date a little more to find Prince Charming, eventually.

Time for some reading.Henry James it was. A Portrait of a Lady. Catching up with some Classics Club reading business, I am quite far behind my schedule. Anyhow, I was surprised by a small dried flower I have found between the pages. Not sure whether I have put it in there some time...However, I'd like to believe the version that someone else has put it in there...

Anyone read Henry James yet?
What do you think?

For lunch I made myself some Italian Deliciousness. One can never go wrong with Italian food. Never. This time it was Avocado Linguine.

(It is Sunday, and I ran, so some carbs are allowed, right ;-) )

To round up the day and before jumping in my PJ's I took a long hot bubble bath - 

with my favourite bubbles:

It is by a Dutch manufacturer called "Rituals" and it is delicious.

It is cold enough again, to wear PJs and this goes of course well with a glass of wine and my obligatory skype date with my favorite Londoner, my beautiful friend Kyra.

Right. That was it.
My delicious Sunday.

Already looking for the next weekend!!

What were you up to?

Happy Monday!!



  1. Sounds like you had a pretty relaxing Sunday! Love when you have no better things to do than to relax and spend the day doing exactly what you want :)

  2. hello darling!
    have a nice week and summer!

  3. The smoothie sounds so good!

    1. OH yes, it was. Cannot recommend it enough! My blender was THE investment of the year. Pays off big times :-)

  4. Hey Svenja! Over the weekend I shot one wedding and then had my own engagement photo shoot with my photographer Claudia Rose Carter. Had too much fun at both but now am super exhausted. Can't wait to share the images from both!!

    Caterina x