Friday's Favorites

Usually Friday's Favorites are more about fashion and stuff, but this time I'd like to link it to music.

With a lovely glass of Chardonnay, I enjoy the first spark of this coming weekend with some of my current favorite tunes which are:

Johnny Cash: Walk the line

John Newman: Love me again

All Saints: Pure shores (one of my all time favorites probably.)

Hurts: Wonderful life

And basically everything Buena Vista Social Club, i.e. this one

Last weekend I was also able to score some of my new sole friends, which I find deserve to be included to my Friday's favorites:

Small summer sale haul:

basic black pumps
Maripé Peep toe pums. Nude.
Maripé leather and metallic sandals.

I don't know about you but I truly love Italian shoes. And Maripé is one of my favorite shoe manufacturers and shoe designers. 

My second favorite is Donna Carolina. If you like you can check out their web page here.

What are your favourite tunes at the moment? Anything I have missed and should defo check out?

Have a lovely weekend!!



  1. Wow some old times tunes there! I'm listening to a lot of indie at the moment, naturally it all sounds the same. Love the sandals at the bottom of the picture! Sometimes I think I should buy a pair and then it starts raining again and I think summer's over and I give up again! Oh well! xx

  2. Shoe shopping, yay! I'll look up those brands. I remember finding many interesting pairs during a trip to Milan. I got lost once and found an alley with shops full of gorgeous leather shoes and bags with unique styles. Thanks for these relaxing tunes, they're great to listen to over a glass of wine. Have a lovely weekend!