Movie review - Like Crazy (2011)

Last night I decided it was finally time for Like Crazy - as it was already waiting in my DVD shelf forever. Not that it had no appealing title nor that I was thinking of it having a bad story line or something, no, the simple reason why I postponed this one was,

that I knew it might have no happy ending.

But first things first:
[Maybe you want to play the piano theme, you find it here. Love it]

Read the plot here.

The two protagonists were absolutely stunning. Anton Yelchin, known from Star Trek (maybe, I cannot tell)was playing  Jacob and did a spectacular job. Reminding me a lot of young Colin Firth, which might have to do of the part he was playing, (ok, his curly hair is also quite remarkable). He was characterized a design student, already having his own company in LA. What stroke me most was his ability to play a manly man, but playing it the sensitive and utterly dedicated guy- way, deeply committed to his girlfriend being all serious even though things get rough and though.

His female counterpart, Anna was played by Felicity Jones (she was playing in Brideshead revisited, but basically "like crazy" was her break through in international film)and did a convincing job. Their emotions for each other were visible throughout the movie, positive affections, as well as feelings of disharmony, jealousy or growing apart from each other. 

There was one very significant scene, when Jacob came over to London, to see Anna, and they went out, she only chatting and celebrating with her girlfriends. He was in the bars with her, feeling like an outsider, completely not sure of himself, feeling detached from her, the situation.

The genre was "romantic drama" and I believe this could perhaps not be done much better.
Creating an atmosphere, intimacy and leading us through a whole process of the magic of falling in love, moments before the first kiss, all the excitement of newly being one item. What would usually follow would be that life turns "normal", defined by routines so that affection and connectedness of two characters can turn into something which has grown and turned into something lasting. However, since this element of normal has been missing in their relationship and stormy visa approval appointments have caused stirrings their relationship lacks stability and leaves room for falling out of love.  

However, even though the movie of course can not offer us romantics a sincere happy ending, it still creates an emotional atmosphere. When Anna returned to the US we learn that we can always try. Take risks. Move forward. Look how it will turn out, when following opportunities. Whether we use them or not, it will define how our lives will continue...

In my opinion this movie is a nice evening entertainment, which leaves one with a bit to think about. I was utterly impressed how camera settings underline every scene, creating intimacy, creating distance etc. The score was spectacular, the actors, especially Anton Yelchin were stunning, and the story an abstract of life, of finding love, missing each other, and realizing that love is gone. 

Did someone watch this movie? What do you think?


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  1. Listening to the soundtrack feels so good. I haven't seen the film yet. I'll look it up.