Constant change and botanical gardens Braunschweig

If life decides to take another turn we are left to act upon and make the most of it, yet - see the opportunities, blessings in disguise rather than looking at things, situations and circumstances all bewildered and sceptic.

I was hoping that I could finally achieve stability (important note, stability, not stagnation) and get to focus on areas in my life which need closer attention.

In the meantime life thought to say no for now and serves me an episode of uncertainty. Dislike.

However, I try and enjoy the ride as much as possible, finding myself in a city which I embraced from the beginning (mh, felt like other way around, huh) and trying to figure out what comes next.
Also, I am in for some good news this week - for a change, anyone?

I am grateful for my wonderful friends and people around me cheering me up, helping me to explore options and making plans to visit me here (very much appreciated).

Oh, this change thing, I think I will never really get used to it. 

What I want is this: Move to one place. Stay there. And be happy. No more moves for reasons other than moving in with boyfriend / husband or due to happy additions to the family. 
Stability. Certainty. Having the ability to build something up, make plans. 
I have already moved so many times in my life, that I just want to settle down somewhere. Utter honestly. I only want to go away for delicious vacations, visiting family and friends or for weekend getaways. 

Something nice for a change.
I went to the beautiful botanical gardens in Braunschweig and I was amazed how many flowers were still blooming by rainy, foggy and slightly cold October:

I can really recommend walking along the river and taking a small turn to have a look at the botanical garden.

It is well worth the visit, and the green houses have all kind of rare and alien plants. 

Have a lovely Sunday!



  1. Hmmm, the thought of living in one place for the rest of my life fills me with dread. Each to his own ;-)

    I hope you get your good news!

  2. Oh, die Bilder sind ja so schön! =)
    Hoffe, bei dir ist alles gut!?

    Diana :)

  3. Hi Diana, danke dir!
    Ja, alles gut, es geht weiter, immer weiter :)

    LG Svenja