Retail therapy

After my book shopping haul which happened yesterday I was a good girl and gave in and stopped before it could get any worse with the spending. But still, there is a small list in my mind of things I need want.

In the very beginning there is Jo Malone. 
I want the scented candle of their Peony blush & suede collection. I am not so sure whether it is good that it is also available here at Douglas for example. (Shop here if you are tempted as well).

They are a bit pricey, but look at it -- isn't it beautiful?

Oh. And I should probably never look at net a porter again. Ever.  It is dangerous.
Don't look here.
Ha ha.
You little rebel. I like you.:-) 
Aren't they perfect?

I also really need a new coat. Since a new coat is a bit of an investment which should at least last two seasons, the model needs to be considered carefully. Maybe I don't really need it, since I own about 5 coats which would still do, maybe, but you know, sometimes it is time for something new. 
My lust list:

I should start playing the lottery or something. 
But any classy and simple trench would do. Like this one. When I grow up I'll buy Burberry.

Another classic. Barbour, baby. I kind of lived in it during my student days. These are over. So is my wax jacket. Would go perfectly well with my wellies. 

I strongly dislike those oversize coats, which make you look like one of those advertising pillars. Not for me. 

Have a lovely Sunday!



  1. I feel like a kid whenever I visit Jo Malone shops.

  2. Hi Arni, thank you for stopping by! Yesss. love Jo Malone. The only thing is they are expensive...